How Buying a New Mattress Can Change Your Life

P. J. Aitken

May 18 2020

The smallest changes can result in the biggest outcomes. That’s a simplified definition of the butterfly effect and one that impacts each and every one of us. The decisions you make today, no matter how small, could impact your health, prosperity, and happiness in the future.

So how does a new mattress fit into this?

Well, believe it or not, choosing to buy a new mattress today could lead to gradual, significant improvements that ultimately change your life for the better.

Is it Time for a Life Change?

Buying a mattress won’t necessarily change your life if you’re already happy with the one you have. If your mattress is new, supportive, and cooling, then a new mattress may not have much of an impact.

But if any of the following ring true, it could be time for a change:

  • Your Mattress is Old: Is your mattress so old that you can’t even recall where or when you bought it? Has it been making strange creaking noises for several years and are there so many stains that flipping it is redundant? It’s time to stop holding on!
  • It Causes Aches, Pains, and Restlessness: The problem with old mattresses is that you get used to them. You get used to the tiredness, you chalk the pains down to getting older, and you dismiss the warning signs. Until, that is, you spend the night at a hotel or friend’s house and realize what you’re missing. Who knew sleeping could be so restful and pain-free?
  • It Has Sunk: Do you feel like your mattress is trying to smother you when you climb into bed? Does it sink and pull you in like some sentient being from a Stephen King novel? There’s no saving it—it’s time to get a new mattress.

How A New Mattress Can Change Your Life

A mattress may change your life by providing a host of benefits. The key thing to remember is that you spend nearly half of your life in bed. If you were spending that much time in the office, you wouldn’t settle for a raggedy, lumpy, squeaky chair; if you were spending that time on the road, you’d want the best vehicle possible.

new mattress

It makes sense, therefore, to get the best mattress possible. That way, you can reap all of the following benefits:

1. Improved Support

Mattress technology has come a long way in a short space of time. If you’re relying on a mattress that is 10 or more years old, your experience may be limited to hefty, store-bought, spring-filled mattresses that can’t be customized, don’t always provide support, and cost a lot of money.

These days, you can get an affordable mattress shipped direct to your door, with several support options to choose from, from the memory foam options provided by the likes of Nectar, to foam and spring hybrids from Casper.

The right support can benefit you in numerous ways. Firstly, it may help to eradicate some of those aches and pains you feel when you wake; pains that may stay with you throughout the day.

Secondly, it can provide proper support for your neck and back, potentially reducing the risk of back pain and more serious problems later in life.

It may seem like a stretch to suggest that a new mattress can change your life in this way, but what do you expect from something that literally supports your body for between 6 and 8 hours every single day?

How much different would you feel if you slept on a lovely, soft, supportive bed as opposed to a cramped, hard couch? The difference between an old mattress and a new mattress could be just as notable.

2. Restful Sleep

Experts recommend between 6 and 8 hours of sleep every night. The exact amount differs from person to person and depends on everything from pre-existing illnesses to medication and activity levels. But if you sleep less than you need, you’ll begin to feel the consequences.

Sleep deprivation can cause fatigue, depression, irritability, forgetfulness, and an inability to concentrate—all of which can be fixed by purchasing a mattress that is comfortable, cool, and supportive.

If you spend the night tossing and turning and struggling to get comfortable, yet you find it easy to drift-off when staying in hotels, your mattress could be at fault.

Fixing this seemingly minor issue could have a massive impact on your health and change your life for the better. Improved concentration and memory can have a positive effect on your education and career, and we don’t need to tell you how beneficial an improved mood can be!

change your life

3. Staying Cool and Fresh

Do you wake up covered in sweat every morning? Do you open all the bedroom windows, turn on the fan, and sleep naked in a desperate attempt to stay cool?

Your mattress could be causing some of your issues, retaining heat and moisture, and making for a damp, uncomfortable night.

Modern mattresses use state-of-the-art fabrics that help to dispel moisture and keep your body cool throughout the night. You’ll wake up dry, refreshed, and ready to start the day, which means you won’t be sweaty, angry, and irritable throughout the morning.

Not only can this cooling technology change your life, but it can also benefit your partner. Unless they suffer from the same issues, there’s a good chance they’re shivering throughout the night due to the open windows or waking up covered in your sweat. Do them and yourself a favour and get a mattress capable of dealing with your changing body temperature.

Summary: Finding the Best Mattress

The word “best” is a little subjective here, as it changes for everyone. There are many types of mattresses and the one that works for you will depend on your age, weight, and preferences. Do you prefer mattresses that are soft and feel like a cloud or do you crave the support that a firm mattress can provide?

Take a look at our Ultimate Buying Guide to browse the many types of mattresses, find the best one for you, and initiate a life change that your future self will thank you for.

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