Dreamcloud Mattress UK Review

flag Lifetime warranty & 365 night trial
  • Pressure-relieving memory foam

  • Buy now, pay later

  • Suitable for all types of sleepers

  • Free delivery & returns

Pros & Cons

  • High-quality, premium materials
  • Suitable for all types of sleepers
  • A luxurious mix of support, breathability and comfort
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Free delivery, returns, & 365-night trial
  • Heavy and difficult to move
  • The cover isn’t removable or washable
  • May be unsuitable for people with pain

Sizes & Pricing

The mattress comes in four different sizes – Single, Double, King, and Super King. Here are the details for each:

Single: The single-sized mattress dimensions are 190x90x29cm, and it’s priced at £949.

Double: The double-sized mattress dimensions are 190/135x29cm, and it’s priced at £1649.

King: The king-sized mattress dimensions are 200x150x29cm, and it’s priced at £1749.

Super King: The super king-sized mattress dimensions are 200x180x29cm, and it’s priced at £1899.

If you select Duologi at checkout, you can apply for a 0% APR financing starting from £87.42 monthly payments.

Compared to other luxury mattress brands on the market, DreamCloud offers a highly competitive price and exceptional perks. All mattresses come with a 365-night free trial and feature free premium delivery and returns. If you’re not satisfied after the free trial, the brand offers a 100% no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. DreamCloud also offers a lifetime warranty on its premium-class mattresses, which is extremely rare in the industry. Finally, there is the option of cleaning and reconditioning of the mattress cover at no additional cost, after 1 to 5 years, respectively.


Launched in January 2018, DreamCloud is the daughter brand of Nectar Sleep, an experienced online mattress manufacturer and retailer. The 38cm tall DreamCloud mattress is a luxury hybrid mattress that offers a great mix of comfort, breathability and support, and keeps you fresh throughout the whole night. The product is designed for all types of sleepers. Also, it has some of the most exquisite perks in the market.


  • "Price"
    10 /10
  • "Comfort"
    9 /10
  • "Body Support"
    9 /10
  • "Customer Support"
    9 /10


The 38cm tall DreamCloud mattress consists of five layers. It’s worth noting that all the layers have been crafted using only premium quality materials. Here are the layer details from top to bottom:

Luxury Quilted Top – The top layer provides premium softness and maximum breathability, creating a sensation of “lying on a cloud”.

“Dream Plush” Breathable Supporting Memory Foam – The breathable memory foam provides deep contouring support and adjusts to the sleeper’s body in any position, for the whole night’s duration. The cooling of the mattress is achieved primarily due to the highly breathable properties of the cover and Dream Plush Memory Foam.

Support Foam – Designed for all types of sleepers – back, Stomach, side or a mix – the support foam provides support across the whole mattress and gently cradles your body.

ActivEdge Coils – The ActivEdge technology is developed by the brand and is used to enhance the support of the mattress further. This layer is composed of 15cm premium pocket springs with ActivEdge technology, which help achieve an equal level of support across the whole bed. ActivEdge also helps minimize motion transfer, making it an excellent choice for couples. Finally, the coils maximize the sleeping surface up to the edges of the mattress.

Support Foam Base – The sturdy base layer is designed to minimize motion transfer further and provide additional support.

dreamcloud uk layers

Mattress Cover

A luxury quilted soft cashmere design represents the mattress cover. Thanks to being crafted with innovative phase change materials, it regulates temperature exceptionally well and doesn’t allow the heat to reach the sleeper. It also protects the inner sections of the mattress from body oil, liquids and gas, ensuring the longevity of the product. Although the cover isn’t removable or washable, you can contact the brand to clean or recondition it at no additional cost.

Firmness, Feel & Support

DreamCloud is the perfect combination of plush, comfort and support. According to many customers, lying down on the mattress feels like “lying down on a cloud”. In traditional terms, the mattress can be described as luxury firm, which is 6.5 out of 10 on a 1 to 10 firmness scale. With the optimal sleeping scale being between 6 and 8 for the majority of people, the 6.5 firmness makes it suitable for all types of sleepers.

The clever design of support coils allows the mattress to spread and distribute the pressure evenly across the whole sleeping surface. This makes sure you’ll never feel any difference while sleeping on any part of the mattress. The general sinkage of the mattress is around 15-17cm, which allows for deep body contouring.

DreamCloud offers excellent motion cancellation, which makes it an ideal choice for couples. Also, it provides optimal bounce that is important for couples. Finally, the support of the mattress is exceptional, meaning that it can comfortably support heavyweight people without causing any inconveniences.

Purchase & Delivery Process

The whole purchasing process is done online via the helpful UI features on the brand’s website. The pricing, promotions (if any) and dimensions are all explained in detail for your comfort. All luxury mattresses come with an extremely long, 365-night free trial. Furthermore, both delivery and return are free of charge, as well as old mattress removal and DreamCloud installation. Orders usually ship in 24 hours and take three to five business days to complete.

Customer support

DreamCloud offers world-class customer support and a lifetime warranty to customers. All services including white glove delivery, returns, old mattress removal and DreamCloud installation are free of charge. Moreover, buyers can also apply for a free cleaning and reconditioning procedure of the mattress cover.


  • 24/7 Help & Support
    The customer support team is available six days a week, during the following hours: Monday-Friday 8AM-8PM, Saturday 9AM-5:30PM.
  • Phone Support
    The brand can be reached during the above-mentioned hours via a dedicated hotline.
  • Live Online Chat
    Live Chat is available during customer support hours. It usually takes a couple of minutes for a team member to respond to queries.
  • Email
    The DreamCloud customer support team can be reached via the dedicated support email.
  • FAQ
    The comprehensive FAQ section offers answers to many common questions related to purchasing and delivery, DreamCloud perks, unique implementations, materials used, support and comfort, etc.
  • Blog
    The blog is updated relatively inconsistently (around 3-4 times in 10-15 days) and features topics like bedroom decorations, bedtime stories, mattress materials, the sleeping environment, etc.

Final Word

Overall, the 38cm tall luxury hybrid DreamCloud mattress is an excellent choice for all sleepers regardless of the sleeping position. The great mix of comfort, breathability and support, combined with premium quality materials creates a feeling of “sleeping on a cloud”, which is what you’d expect from a top-notch mattress.

Furthermore, the relatively affordable cost in the luxury mattresses category along with some of the best perks, including free white glove delivery, old mattress removal, installation, and cover reconditioning make DreamCloud a worthy consideration.

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Unbelievable mattress.

I ordered on line and was told straight away there was problem with delivery due to covid so I could be waiting 25 days thankfully in 2 weeks great customer service and the mattress its self WOW BEST ONE YET and ive tried a few mattresses in a box better than simba and otty perfect for me and my partner.

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Questions & Answers

JM Tomson

What foundation is best for the DreamCloud mattress?

Liz K

I get hot at night when I sleep. Will the DreamCloud help me stay cool?

Kris S

Is there someplace I can try the DreamCloud first?

DreamCloud isn’t sold in stores, but it comes with a 365 night sleep trial. This is even better than spending just a few minutes testing a mattress in the store. If during the 365 days at home you don’t like your DreamCloud, you can get your money back.
Margaret Taylor

I bought a n Executive 4000 model in November 2019. In April 2020 the mattress developed a ridge down the centre . This increased my difficulty in getting out of bed.
At the time of purchase and now my weight was 18 stone. Should I have been advised to buy a FIRM mattress.

We have not reviewed the Executive 4000 mattress but it seems you may be interested in the Dreamcloud mattress? The Dreamcloud is a medium-firm mattress. It comes with a 365 night sleep trial and forever warranty should you decide you don't like your mattress or it develop a problem.
Julia Moore

I was looking at your kingsize luxury hybrid mattress at £699 only 2 days ago, then yesterday it had gone up to £799 and today the price is £1049. What is going on? Decisions like this cant be made overnight and prices should remain unchanged for a while. I am really angry that you can alter prices just like that!

The original price has not changed from £1049 however there have been two recent sales: one for £300 off, which has ended, and now one for £250. Perhaps you were looking at the difference between the sale prices and original price? With the current sale, the price for the king is £774.
Geoff Smith

URGENT: Can this mattress be used on a sprung slatted base where gap between slats is 3.5 inches?

According to DreamCloud's website, a slatted frame is fine for a DreamCloud mattress. Their warranty does not appear to mention anything about how far apart the slats are placed.
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