Guru Mattress by Zen Review

flag Free delivery + 100 night trial period
  • Choice of all-foam or hybrid mattress

  • Cover is removable & washable for easy cleaning

  • Affordable quality mattresses

  • Medium Soft support

Pros & Cons

  • Removable and washable cover
  • Hypoallergenic materials
  • Very budget-friendly
  • Made in the UK
  • Only one firmness level (medium-soft) offered
  • Limited size options as compared to other brands

Sizes & Pricing

Zen® offers users a year-round warranty, protecting you from the possibility of any potential manufacturing defects. The warranty applies to all Zen® mattresses and starts from the day the bed is delivered to your doorstep. In addition to the initial Zen® warranty, there is a 10-year warranty for the Guru mattresses.

The trial period for a Guru mattress lasts for 100 nights starting from the day it arrives at your home, and customers can choose to return the bed in exchange for a full refund. The prices of the Guru mattresses are some of the most affordable beds in the market right now, without any compromises on quality. The company is able to achieve this because the mattresses are manufactured and shipped locally within Britain, offering factory-direct prices to Zen® customers.

There are two types of mattresses in the Guru by Zen® range. One is the Bed in a Box Memory foam mattress, and the other is the Guru 3000 Hybrid Memory Foam mattress. Both types of mattresses have the same accessories and come in the following 4 sizes:

UK Single: the memory foam mattress is priced at £295.00 and the Guru 3000 Hybrid model costs £299.99.

UK Double: the memory foam mattress is priced at £475.00 and the Guru 3000 Hybrid model costs £439.99.

UK King: the memory foam mattress is priced at £545.00 and the Guru 3000 Hybrid model costs £499.99.

UK Super King-size: where the memory foam mattress is priced at £649.99 and the Guru 3000 Hybrid model costs £659.99.

Guru Single
Guru Double
Guru King
Guru Super King
Guru 3000 Single
Guru 3000 Double
Guru 3000 King
Guru 3000 Super King


Zen® is UK-based mattress company that specializes in affordable and high-quality memory foam mattresses. The renowned brand has a vast array of mattress collections for users to choose from. The Guru by Zen® mattresses are offered in memory foam and hybrid models, uniquely catering to the differing needs of the customers.


  • "Price"
    10 /10
  • "Comfort"
    7 /10
  • "Body Support"
    8 /10
  • "Customer Support"
    8 /10


The Guru Mattress by Zen® is a comfortable combination of three special, uniquely engineered layers, each one specifically designed to ensure users enjoy a good sleep without any disruption. The layers for both the mattress types are as follows:

Guru by Zen

Top layer:

The 8cm topmost 4G Air Memory Foam layer of the Guru bed-in a box mattress provides comfort and good lumbar support. The memory foam molds to your body shape, promoting spinal alignment, and providing support.

Bottom two support layers:

The other two layers are of Revo technology foam and base foam, making up the 15 cm of reflex foam at the bottom. The Revo layer encourages increased airflow and gives the mattress an extra dose of bounce.

Guru 3000 Hybrid

Top layer:

The Guru 3000 Hybrid has a top layer which is 5cm of high-density memory foam for comfortable lumbar support and pressure point relief.

Bottom two layers:

Below the top layer is a 14cm thick twin layer of Reflex foam. Nestled inside the mattress are a total of 1000 18cm tall individually placed pocket springs and 2000 2.5cm responsive mini pocket springs. These springs in combination with the foam layers give the feeling of both luxury and support. Additionally, the high-quality pocket springs offer exceptional point-pressure relief.

The open-cell structure of the memory foam layer in both the mattresses aerates the whole mattress, keeping its temperature regulated. Good ventilation also keeps the moisture from building up and causing bacterial growth in the mattress structure. This, in turn, gives way to a cool, breezy sleep and discourages the likelihood of allergic reactions.

Mattress Cover

Guru mattresses come with a top-of-the-range mattress cover that boasts adaptive fabrics, specifically engineered for body-temperature regulation and maintaining the bed’s moisture levels. Guru mattresses open-celled foam encourages smooth airflow; the added ventilation helps keep users cool and comfortable throughout the night, guaranteeing a clean, uninterrupted sleep. The cover adds to the mattress’ durability and is easy to remove. You can machine wash the Guru mattress cover, but be sure to do so with care.

Firmness, Feel & Support

Both the mattresses offered in the Guru range by Zen® have similar firmness and feel, with the Guru 3000 Hybrid having a more luxurious touch and offering greater support thanks to its springs. Guru mattresses contour to your body’s shape, keeping you snug and comfortable throughout sleep.

Both models boast a medium-soft level of firmness. This firmness level is especially appreciated by side sleepers and lighter bodies. Heavier people may feel like they sink too much into the mattress, however. The memory foam layer contours to every part of your body, and the bed also deters motion transfer thanks to its resilient layering. This feature limits the disruptions that couples feel during sleep, when their partner rolls about, reducing interruptions in sleep by movement. This makes the Guru mattresses the right accessory for happier relationships!

Purchase & Delivery Process

All Guru by Zen® mattresses can be purchased online; they are then delivered directly from the factory. By cutting out the middle-man, such as expensive retailers with their high store rent costs, the Britain-based company manages to keep the price of Guru mattresses low. This makes them one of the most affordable brands in the local market!

The order is confirmed by an email, and another email is also sent upon the dispatch of the order with the necessary tracking information. The Guru mattresses are delivered free of cost by different courier services depending upon the area of delivery. A recycling option is available with the delivery, whereby one can choose to dispose of their old mattress at the checkout. The retail company also entertains specific delivery requests.

The Guru mattress comes packaged compactly and is delivered right to your door through courier. The compact packing makes for easy installation of the bed.

Customer support

The manufacturer of the Guru mattresses, Zen®, has an active customer service easily accessible via phone and email. Memory Foam Warehouse, the site where the mattresses are sold, also has a very responsive customer support team.

  • Phone Support
    The communication channel is mainly telephone based and users can get access to support from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.
  • Email
    The brand also has email-based customer support.
  • Video Tutorials
    Video tutorials by Memory Foam Warehouse, which sells the brand, are available on their social media channels.
  • FAQ
    A detailed FAQ section is found on the website of Memory Foam Warehouse. Any further queries one might have can also be answered through email.
  • Community Forum
    Memory Foam Warehouse has active Social Media channels where its clientele can interact.
  • Blog
    Memory Foam Warehouse has an active blog where detailed pieces related to sleep and mattress care are posted routinely.

Final Word

The Guru by Zen® mattresses are one of the most affordable options for memory foam and hybrid beds in the market right now.  The soothing 4G  open-cell technology ensures a well-ventilated sleep, ensuring that you don’t wake up feeling hot overnight. Heat is further controlled by the Revo foam layer which maximizes airflow, balancing the microclimate of the sleeper’s body.

The high-resilience base layer delivers a strong foundation of medium-soft firmness. The mattress contours effortlessly to the user’s body shape, providing ideal support to each individual.

The high level of comfort provided makes the Guru mattress perfect for all sleeping positions but especially for side sleepers. Those who are heavier or sleep on their backs may prefer a firmer mattress. If your goal is to have a soothing, comforting, and zen sleep for a great price, then Guru by Zen® is your best bet.

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Questions & Answers

Amelia B.

Do I need to turn my mattress regularly?

No. The Zen® mattresses are designed with specific layers of memory foam for optimal lumbar support and need not be turned. However, horizontal rotation of the mattress is recommended occasionally.

Is the mattress cover washable?

Yes, the mattress covers are removable and washable. We recommend washing them at 30°C to 40°C. Tumble-drying may cause the mattress cover to shrink so we advise against it.
Victor R.

What is the 100-night sleep trial?

All Zen® mattresses come with a 100-night sleep trial where the customer can test out the mattress to see if it is the right fit for them. If not, the mattresses can be returned for a refund. This offer applies to select products only.
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