DreamCloud VS Nectar: Which Should You Get?

Asya Fatima Abdulwajid

Mar 29 2021

Nectar UK and DreamCloud UK are two UK-based mattress brands owned by one of the fastest-growing sleep brands, Nectar Sleep. Both brands focus on providing customers with the ultimate sleep solutions, catering to their individual comfort and needs. Since DreamCloud and Nectar are both mattress-in-a-box brands, they also offer competitive rates on their sleep products.

DreamCloud and Nectar mattresses both offer premium features, although the beds vary in their construction. When it comes to choosing the right sleep solution, there are many factors to consider, such as the firmness level, cooling features, warranties, and support levels. While DreamCloud and Nectar are both great brands, this guide is designed to help you determine which one is best for you. We’ll compare both brands side by side, so you can make an informed decision about which brand is most suited for you!

Types of Mattresses

DreamCloud’s mattress is a hybrid bed, meaning it uses a combination of memory foam and springs. Nectar UK sells an all-foam mattress.

Material & Construction

We mentioned in the previous section that DreamCloud offers hybrid beds rather than the pure-foam ones that Nectar provides. But what does this mean for the construction of the beds? Let’s take a closer look.

Nectar has 3 memory foam comfort layers and 1 support layer. In terms of firmness, the Nectar mattress ranks at around 6 on a scale of 10. This means that it’s medium-firm, ideal for side and back sleepers, but front sleepers might want a bit of extra support.

The DreamCloud mattress is constructed from a combination of memory foam and the brand’s own ActiveEdge coils. The DreamCloud has 2 layers of memory foam, in addition to a transitional layer, a coil support core, and a polyfoam layer. Being a hybrid bed, DreamCloud is less conforming than Nectar and offers more bounce.

dreamcloud UK mattress
source: dreamcloudsleep.co.uk
The DreamCloud stands at 6.5/10 on the firmness scale, being classified as luxury firm, and making it better suited for sleepers that need a little extra support. Front sleepers, however, may still crave a mattress with an even higher level of firmness.

Mattress Cover

The DreamCloud mattress comes with a beautiful cashmere blend cover, which is soft to the touch and cosy. The cover breathes easily and keeps you cool during sleep. The Nectar mattress comes with an adaptive cooling cover, of a unique polymer material, that works to promote airflow and keep you cool during sleep. Both the DreamCloud and Nectar mattress covers are not removable, but you can spot clean them which is just as well!

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DreamCloud mattresses have a greater height in comparison to Nectar mattresses. While Nectar mattress measures 25 cm in height, DreamCloud mattresses have 2-inches on them, coming in at 29 cm in height.

This is definitely something to consider, as it means that only deep pocket bed sheets are suited for a DreamCloud mattress. With a Nectar mattress, on the other hand, you can get away with any kind of bed sheet.


As a rule of thumb, memory foam mattresses cost more than hybrid ones due to the absence of expensive coils and springs. However, on the other hand, hybrid mattresses typically have a larger lifespan than memory foam beds. This means that a hybrid mattress may potentially offer you more value for money, despite the higher price.

Both Nectar and DreamCloud sell their products in similar sizes, which makes for a fair comparison in their pricing. For example, a Nectar single mattress is £469, while a DreamCloud single costs £849.

In general, DreamCloud mattresses are available for about twice as much (if not more) than Nectar’s mattresses, regardless of size.

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When it comes to buying the right mattress, one thing to look for is the bounce. Hybrid beds such as the DreamCloud mattress are exceptionally responsive, thanks to their inner pocket springs, which means the mattress bounces back almost immediately after pressure is shifted from an area. This makes it easier to move around on the mattress.

In contrast, the Nectar memory foam mattress is more conforming, given that it is constructed purely out of foam. Thus, in comparison to the DreamCloud, the Nectar mattress restricts movement a little more.

Edge Support

In terms of edge support, the DreamCloud mattress ranks higher thanks to the ActiveEdge coils present in its structure. This means that while you are asleep on a DreamCloud mattress, you are not at risk of rolling off if you’re near the edge.

While the DreamCloud does reign supreme in this area, the Nectar mattress’s edge support is still commendable. Ranking in at 3 on a scale of 1-5, the Nectar memory foam mattress keeps you safely in bed during sleep as well.

Motion Isolation

This is an especially important quality to have if you share a bed with someone. Nectar memory foam mattresses are more motion isolating, thanks to their many layers of foam that absorb movement and prevent motion transfer. This means that, during sleep, you and your partner’s movements are less likely to disturb one another.

nectar memory foam mattress
source: nectarsleep.co.uk
While DreamCloud’s ActiveEdge coils reduce motion transfer significantly, the mattress still has a fair amount of bounce, which makes it rank slightly lower than the Nectar in terms of motion isolation.

Trial, Warranty, and Delivery.

With both brands being owned by Nectar Sleep, it should come as no surprise that they offer similar warranty periods and delivery services. DreamCloud and Nectar both offer free delivery in the UK and their mattresses come with a Forever Warranty that lasts a lifetime. This makes both brands solid long-term investments.

Both brands also offer a 365 night sleep trial. They do request that you try out the mattress for at least 30 days first, however, before deciding that you don’t like it and want to return it.

Cooling Features

Memory foam mattresses tend to sleep hot, but Nectar tackled this issue head-on with its topmost Adaptive Cooling cover layer. This layer is made of a unique polymer that adapts to changes in your body temperature; as your body heats up, the layer absorbs the heat and evaporates any excess moisture. The layer also encourages air circulation, further complimenting its cooling properties.

However, despite this impressive layer, DreamCloud still offers superior cooling features simply because it’s a hybrid model. The presence of coils means that DreamCloud facilitates optimal air flowers, keeping users cool during sleep.

Which One’s Best for YOU?

All in all, DreamCloud and Nectar mattresses both offer promising investments for all your mattress needs. They have similar trial periods, warranties, and delivery services, as they are from the same company.

On the whole, the DreamCloud and Nectar mattresses are both promising long-term investments. They also offer similar trial periods, and identical warranties and delivery services. But which one is right for you?

The main distinguishing features between the brands’ products include the pricing, support level, motion isolation, and cooling features.

So, to sum things up, we recommend the Nectar for:


Because the Nectar offers superior motion isolation, and the adaptive cooling layer responds to temperature changes within a locality. This means that it will cater to both you and your partner’s specific body temperature changes, and adapt accordingly.

Back and Side Sleepers on a Budget

The Nectar mattress is significantly cheaper than the DreamCloud, and it offers enough support to keep back and side sleepers well-rested and comfortable.

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And we’d recommend DreamCloud for…

Sleepers Looking for a Little Extra Support

If you’ve got the extra money to spend, then the DreamCloud is a great long-term investment for sleepers looking for a more supportive option. The ActiveEdge coils provide point-pressure relief and superior lumbar support, which is further complemented by the greater firmness levels.

Users That Sleep Hot

It’s a fact of life that some people sleep hotter than others, on account of having a generally higher body temperature. If sleeping hot is a problem you often face, then it’s worth investing in a DreamCloud mattress. The hybrid bed boasts fantastic air circulation and is sure to keep you cool during sleep.

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The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that both DreamCloud and Nectar offer fantastic long-term sleep solutions, and Nectar Sleep goes the extra mile to show it cares about its customers. With a lifetime warranty accompanying both brands’ products, your investment is secured. Choosing between the two all comes down to how much you’re looking to spend, and what sort of features you’re looking for. Check out our reviews to learn more about each brand!

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