Do You Need a Mattress Topper?

Updated on March 28th, 2023
Asya Fatima Abdulwajid
Written by Asya Fatima Abdulwajid

The quality of sleep you receive directly influences your quality of life overall. A poor sleep experience leaves you tired and drained before the day even begins. We spend about one-third of our lives on our bed, and so it’s best to make this time as comfortable as possible.

This brings us to mattress toppers. Have you ever wondered if you needed a little something extra to spruce up your comfort while sleeping? If so, then a mattress topper might just be what you’ve been looking for. Not sure what mattress toppers are and why they are so popular? This guide will explain the structure and importance of a mattress topper and will help you decide whether you need to invest in a mattress topper or not.

What are mattress toppers?

Mattress toppers, as the name suggests, are sleep accessories that go on top of your mattress to enhance the comfort of your bed. In addition, a mattress topper also serves as an extra layer between your mattress and the environment, which helps in extending the life of your mattress. Mattress toppers these days are available in all sorts of sizes and thick levels, depending on your needs and preferences.

Mattress toppers vs. Mattress pads

Mattress topper or mattress pads? Both are great additions to make your bed more comfortable, but which one should you go for? You might be wondering what the difference between the two is, and rightfully so, as the terms mattress toppers and mattress pads are often used interchangeably. Put simply, a mattress pad is a thinner layer that goes on top of your mattress and a mattress topper is often a thicker variation, and a more expensive one too. Both toppers and pads are designed to optimize comfort levels and provide lumbar support during sleep.

Mattress pads are often attached to the lining of fitted sheets or can be strapped onto the mattress. The thicker mattress topper can be put on top of a mattress with or without straps. The bottom line on the choice between the two is that it depends on your preference as to which product you choose to buy. It all depends on the type of mattress you already have and the amount of additional support you need, really.

Types of Mattress toppers

There are many kinds of mattress toppers available in the market for you to choose from. The main difference among these mattress toppers is the material used in their construction. To give you an idea of what types of mattress toppers are available, here are some examples of popular variants.

Memory foam mattress topper

As the name suggests, a memory foam mattress topper has the qualities of a memory foam mattress, thanks to similar construction and material in the mattress topper foam layer. It is thinner than a full-sized memory foam mattress and it goes on top of your existing mattress. The reason why a memory foam layer is such a great option for increasing comfort and lumbar support is that the memory foam molds to your body’s shape and provides head-to-toe support.

Memory Foam Warehouse offers numerous memory foam mattress toppers, including the luxurious 10 cm thick one pictured here.

10 cm thick memory foam topper
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Wool or fleece mattress topper

Organic wool is naturally resistant to allergens, so this option is great for sleepers prone to allergies. It also keeps mold and dust-mite infestation at bay, so your allergies do not flare-up. Wool and fleece are also natural insulators, keeping you warm during the cold winter nights. Natural materials like wool and fleece are quite soft and less itchy than you might expect them to be, making them a great choice overall. However, these mattress toppers are often on the more expensive side, and so they’re not the best choice for users on a budget.

Egg crate mattress topper

The reason why these mattress toppers are called ‘egg crate’ mattress toppers is because they have a layer consisting of a bumpy nodular foam surface, which resembles an egg carton. These toppers can be easily rolled up and stacked, making them very easy to manage.

Cooling mattress topper

The construction of a cooling mattress topper could be done from cooling materials like a cooling gel foam, or cotton, etc. These mattress toppers help in regulating your body temperature and provide you with a comfortable sleep. These are especially great for sleepers prone to sweating during the night or those who live in warmer climates. Simba Sleep offers a mattress topper designed with open-cell foam for increased breathability and cooling properties.

simba mattress topper

Other materials used for the construction of bed toppers include Cotton, Foam, Gel Memory Foam, Polyester Cluster Puffs or Fiberfill, and Latex Rubber, etc.

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Why should you invest in a mattress topper?

So, at this point, you’ve gotten to know about the different types of mattress toppers. But why should you actually invest in one? Well, for comfort and enhanced durability, of course!

A mattress topper essentially serves as a layer of protection for your mattress. This means that it serves as a barrier to stains and environmental degradation. It is much easier to wash a mattress topper as compared to a full mattress. Thus, by investing in a good mattress topper, you can practically extend the life of your mattress!

With a mattress topper, your bed also enjoys an extra layer of foam. This translates into extra comfort for you during sleep. So if you’ve got the money to spare, a mattress topper is a great investment. If your mattress provides excellent back support but not so much comfort, a mattress topper could save you from the need to change your mattress altogether. If you want the comfort of a memory foam mattress but are looking for a budget-friendly option, a memory foam mattress topper could provide you with the support and comfort you need. This way, you get a little extra time before you need to change your mattress.

eve mattress topper

Do I need a mattress topper or a mattress upgrade?

Sometimes, when you’re considering buying a mattress topper, what you really need is a mattress upgrade. If your mattress is highly uncomfortable and saggy, it might be time to invest in a new one, rather than add another layer on top. If this sounds like your mattress, then we have an impressive assortment of mattress reviews on our website.

Some of our recommended mattress brands include Nectar UK, Simba Sleep, and Mattress Online. Another favorite of ours is the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress that comes with a built-in luxury quilted top. The premium cover provides maximum softness and breathability which helps you have the most luxurious sleep experience. If you go for one of our recommended mattresses on our website and feel that the firmness and comfort level isn’t quite up to the mark for you, you can take advantage of the extensive warranties and trial periods to exchange or return the purchased mattresses.

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So, to answer the big question ‘Are mattress toppers worth it?’, we’d say that most of the time, they are! Mattress toppers not only increase your quality of sleep but protect your mattress from wear too. Toppers are typically easy to manage, wash, and are far less expensive than upgrading your mattress altogether. Mattress toppers can also help relieve back pain and improve spinal alignment, providing sleepers with additional comfort and support.

Mattress toppers are affordable accessories that offer a lot of value to sleepers, so if you’re looking to upgrade the quality of your sleep, check our website out for some great options!

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My mattress is too soft , I am a side sleeper with pain in my shoulders.
Can you recommend a mattress topper.
Many thanks mrs m Hughes

You should check out the mattress toppers by Simba!

Gila Holder

You should check out the mattress toppers by Simba!

Min Hill

I am a side sleeper with a degenerative disc disease. I have recently purchased an Emma mattress. My husband likes it but it is just far too firm for me and I’m finding that I am unable to sleep on it on my side at all . Would you recommend a mattress topper as a layer of comfort but still having the support of the mattress underneath?

A mattress topper could definitely help your situation!

Gila Holder

A mattress topper could definitely help your situation!


Hi, can you help us to select either a correct type of mattress or mattress topper. I weight 150kg my partner weights 88kg. We both suffer with back pain/issues, any advice would be appreciated.

The Nectar Memory Foam mattress would be our top recommendation!

Serena Carsley-Mann

The Nectar Memory Foam mattress would be our top recommendation!

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